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Singing to maintain good vocal health


Our weekly sessions begin with several exercises (set to easy or well-known tunes) to focus on articulation, breathing, expression, vocal production and strength. The sessions are open to anyone but can be particularly helpful to people living with neurological conditions such as Parkinson's, MS and rehabilitation following a stroke. 

"I greatly enjoy our sessions enhanced by the energy and enthusiasm you bring to them. My voice production has definitely improved as a result and I am determined to continue the good work.", Dan, Blandford Forum

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Sing Together Blandford Forum 2022.jpg
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 Sing Together - because we enjoy it

Our Wimborne group  love the variety of different genres and the different themes that we have each week.         We have covered songs about the weather, colours, locations around the world, names as well as comedy week, movies, songs from musical theatre, folk songs. 

Always fun, informal, but with a sense of purpose, there is something for everyone, whether you are an experienced singer or have never sung in a group before. 

Songs are led from the piano by Caroline; a great opportunity to make live music together. 

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